My Favourite Instagram Hacks

Hello lovlies! I’ve recently been talking to a friend of mine, and realized that there are so many out there that feel the same way I felt when I first started out on Instagram.

I had no idea how to create beautiful Instagram stories, use Adobe Lightroom, or beat the algorithm. 

So below is my list of all of my favourite go to IG tools, hacks, or ways to beat the algorithm. 

How To Beat The Algorithm:

1) Follow Suggestions

This is one thing that I have found to help my follow count. I find following instagrams guides helps improve my standing. When I go to a well known page in the same or similar niche to mine, I will follow all of the suggested users, and find within minutes my following count will start to increase. 

I can monitor this using my Followers app. 

2) The $1.90 Method

I learnt about this method a month or two ago. The basis of this method is to build your engagement. Which honestly I have a hard time doing… I’m very hit or miss with my engagement so this helps me to keep on track. 

First you need to create a list of your 10 most used hashtags, or ones that are the most in line with your brand of niche. 

Next you will go to IG’s search page and search each hashtag individually. The first 9 photos to appear as the “Top” photos are the ones you will be engaging with. 

The final step is to comment an honest and original comment on each of those 9 photos. This steps is to be repeated for each of your hashtags. 

This means that you will be commenting 90 times in one day. 

It is a lot of work for sure, and with my busy lifestyle I wasn’t able to keep up with this. So I decided to stick with 5 hashtags, less of an engagement rate growth but it was a start!

You should always move at your own pace! 

Apps for Instagram:

1) Reports+ 

This app is a life saver, though I have not paid for the full system, it still helps me a little bit to be able to see who is not following me back and keep track of my analytics. 

This also helps to weed out unwanted robots accounts easily and efficiently. 

2) Unfold

This is my favourite app to create IG stories with! 

It is so simple to use but creates amazing designs. It comes preloaded with 3 packs of layouts, while having many additional packs for purchase for under $2.00. Each pack has between 7 and 10 different layouts, with preloaded fonts, background colours and stickers to enhance the story. 

This makes it easier than trying to edit your stories on illustrator or through the actual instagram app. 

3) Facetune

Not that this app should be used the wrong ways, but it does help to fix minor imperfections, hairs out of place, or to whiten teeth. 

But if I’m being honest, I used to use this app in the wrong ways. I didn’t understand how to love my body, so I would alter it. I honestly didn’t want to include this app in this list, but I honestly find it useful sometimes. 

Intstagram Tools:

1) Drafts

This has been a huge saviour for my Instagram posting. If I create multiple draft images at once, by inputting all tags, location, and caption I can keep hitting back until it gives me the option so save draft. 

Once I have saved it has a draft it is in a separate section with all other drafts that I can then choose from to post that day. Without having to do too much of the work each day. 

With my OCD scheduling my life is how I get through the day to day “hustle and bustle”.

2) Apps 4 Life Host

This was introduced to me by @thebirdspapaya and has been a life saver ever since. 

I love to truly connect through my captions and express all parts of my life, or encouragement I want to express. But, sometimes it can look unorganized or ugly when I have dots all over my captions that I can’t seem to get to line up. (I’m a bit of a perfectionist) 

So in order to keep my captions clean I use this website through the safari on my phone and get clean and organized captions! #saviour

Thanks for reading and I hope these hacks up your IG game like the did mine!

Don’t forget to check out my Instagram feed below! If you try out any of these hacks, be sure to take me and let me know how they worked for you!

You can also check out my go to summer smoothie recipe to help me focus with all this work!

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