Backyard Bbq Food Table (with alcohol)

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Hello lovlies! I tried (and failed) to throw a surprise birthday party for my boyfriend in May a few weekends back. And by failed I mean he was coming home from a trip the day before. Unfortunately his flight was delayed by almost 5 hours which prevented him from not arriving until the morning of.

Don’t get me wrong, the party was a success, it was just no longer a surprise. But thats just a bit or pretext for this post.

I decided to create a tiki themed back yard bbq. The weather didn’t cooperate quite how I would have liked but we had a great turn out with great friends and food.

I love to plan parties, it is probably my number one thing to do. Just kidding, I have a lot of #1 things I enjoy doing. If you’ve read my about me page you know that I went to school for interior decorating. This means anything where I get to decorate is a joy for me.

I love creating aesthetically pleasing food tables, especially when they are themed. Because it was tiki I kept a blue theme and truly thought about everything. From the alcohol and drink dispensers to how I would plate the food.

I loved to really work with the theme and create colour co-ordinated tables. I think I did a good job based on all the compliments of friends. Which definitely made me feel good as I had spent almost a month (and multiple shopping trips) to make it perfect!

1) Sand Buckets & Shovels – used for the chips
2) Small Crates – to hold the drink dispensers for easy pour
3) Small Blue Bowls – for eatable popcorn
4) Small Shallow Bucket – with ice, to hold the liquor/alcohol for shots
5) 2.5 Gallon Drink Dispensers – with delicious tropical drinks (recipes below)

I was lucky to have gotten the chance to pair up with Eatable Inc. for this party as they were a massive hit. Of course I save a bag or two for myself to enjoy, but got to debut the “Pop The Salt & Tequila” flavour at my party!

The second our friends tried them, they were devoured in minutes. Their flavours were so interesting and paired perfectly with our party. These alcohol infused popcorn bags are from a Toronto based company (woohoo shop/support local). And the great thing is their price point is perfect!

The packaging is aesthetically pleasing and the product speaks for itself with taste that explodes in your mouth. But lets not forget about their witty names!

Pop the Salt & Tequila
Whiskey on the Pops
Poppin Merlot PB&J
Pop the Champagne

I’ve been munching on “Pop the Champagne” while writing this post and I’ll be ordering more bags once I’m done. With champagne infused white chocolate and popping candy it’s an explosion of flavour in my mouth! (Like what I did there?)

I had so much fun making delicious tropical drinks, that turned out amazing. We actually used the left over for a bbq at a friends the next day and I had so many people asking me for the recipe. (I did find these recipes online but tweaked them a bit, especially with more alcohol)

Blue Hawaiian

1 bottle of Malibu Coconut Rum (1175ml bottle)
1 bottle of Blue Curacao (750ml)
4 Cans of Pinapple Juice (approx 1L each)
2 Cups of Orange Juice

(this is a large amount and equals approx. 2 Gallons)

Tropical Hurricane

1 bottle of Malibu Coconut Rum (1175ml bottle)
1 bottle of Cranberry Lemonade
3 Cans of Pineapple Juice (approx 1L Each)
1 Cup of Grenadine

(this is a large amount and equals approx. 2 Gallons)

If you like recipes you can also check out my perfect summer smoothie recipe.

I hope you enjoyed this post! If you do any summer bbqs and create a fun food table please tag me in your posts I would love to see what you created!

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