Hello! I’m Jesse (clearly…) the creator of this here blog Jesse Michele. I help people find the best ways to decorate their homes on a budget, because ya know, that’s what Interior Decorators do. But I also love to share about all aspects of my life, such as affordable style, DIY’s and life/blogging tips. I started Jesse Michele as a way to have a public outlet to share my creativity and love of life with you.

I also love to help others whether its for small things like finding the perfect pair of wedges, the perfect gift for any occasion, the cutest decor items for your home, or even the big things like dealing with depression and anxiety. Yes I do consider those big things, but we’ll get into that later.

I started Jesse Michele in February 2018, but due to some poor decisions and judgement I lost all of my content, domain and had to start all over again from scratch. So here I am, as strong as ever and ready to rebuild just like any other #bossbabe.

I have also self-diagnosed myself with OCD… yes I know what you’re thinking and yes I do believe I have OCD. I am so particular and organized, so much so that I love creating vision boards and live by my agenda. Creating jewelry and mixing fashion styles has quickly become one of my go to things to do in my spare time. On top of my 8-5 full time job, and my contract designer job.

Kyle and I have an adorable (pain in the a$$) 3 year old Mackerel Tabby who we rescued/adopted and love dearly. Though we are surely counting down the days until we can get a dog (husky, lab or golden retriever – we are big dog people). Unfortunately, getting Nismo was a bit of a “discussion” Speaking of being creative and having a creative outlet.. I clearly didn’t have enough creativity to think of a better name for my blog (all the good ones were taken) so I figured there is nothing more “on brand” than using your own name.

I usually am one to take my own photos, tripod and all. But
occasionally I am lucky enough to have my “oh so handy” boyfriend Kyle to help me when I need that perfect shot. I am also lucky enough to have some amazing friends that I have met over the years that also happen to be photographers and will take photos of me from time to time! You can check them out here: mwelancphoto & flowandfallowphotography! Even though I spent 4 years going to school and learning photography (3 years film & 1 year digital) I still hate taking my own photos and editing them. (you will find that I like to be fairly lazy)

as Kyle is pretty allergic to cats. But has been lucky enough to have gotten accustomed to him.. now I want another one! (I would seriously have all the cats and dogs in the world if I could)

Thank you so much for hanging out… and reading all that useless information. If you haven’t already, you can follow me on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook & Pinterest ,you can also follow my blog with Bloglovin. If you recreate any of my DIY’s or purchase any items from my Shop My Instagram page make sure to tag me and I promise to like, comment and even give a shout out! I would love to see all your creativity and connect with you!