The Perfect Bachelorette Loot Bags

Do you wanna know what the best part about a bachelorette is? It isn’t the strippers, spa sessions, or mass amounts of alcohol. It’s the loot bags! Woot woot!

Okay, maybe they aren’t the best part, but they are pretty darn fun. The fun little surprises like penis straws and candy. But what makes it very special is to match it to a theme. Are you all about the “dick”? Or are you having a low key spa weekend?

I recently had the pleasure of creating some super fun loot bags for my sister’s bachelorette. As she is pregnant with twins (yay!) we had a nice low key cottage weekend with spa services, good food and a bonfire!

Now lets get down to business because those loot bags aren’t going to make themselves! 

1) Alcohol Infused Popcorn – Eatable Inc

2) Rose Gold Peel Off Mask – Maskeraide Beauty

3) Organic Cotton Candy – Candy Crate Events

4) Scrunchie – Scrunch

5) Penis Straws – Amazon

6) Sunglasses – Dollar Store

7) Gemstone Bracelets – Handmade by yours truly

8) Miscellaneous Candies

I also used Canva to create cute labels for the giftbags so each girl would know which bag was hers! Canva’s great for its quick and easy designs that turn out looking beautiful! I also designed thank you cards using Canva, that I was then able to write personalized messages on.

The best part is personalizing the gifts to show each girl that they are truly appreciated. 

I was lucky enough to have four amazing sponsors for this post that I am delighted to introduce you to.


Michèle makes all her scrunchies by hand. She has always loved to sew, and decided to put her love into creation and scrunchies, and turn it into a flourishing business. 

Scrunch likes to put a focus on sustainable scrunchies, by using old or recycled pieces of clothing and turning them into scrunchies. She uses a super strong elastic for her scrunchies too. 

Once the girls opened their bags they were SHOOK. These scrunchies are the highlight of any pony I have ever used. 


Maskeraide Beauty

This is a brand I have had the pleasure of working with before. And their generosity knows no bounds.

Maskeraide sent us their Rose All Day Rose Gold Peel Off Mask! I have been in love with this mask since the first time I tried it. 

Its the perfect girly skin care mask for that spa night or girls weekend. It is a must to pack for any little getaway and leaves your skin absolutely glowing. 

Candy Crate Events

Alright, the cutest most delicious cotton candy is coming your way. I was so lucky to have been able to collaborate with Candy Crate Events. Not only do they have the cutest candy bags/gifts they also have DIY Candy Bars, and make the cutest balloon displays. 

This is the second time I got to experience Candy Crate Events. The first was at the Toronto Business Babes Summer Social, and the candy bar was the highlight of the night. 

Eatable Inc.


I can never say enough about this popcorn. I got the “pop the champagne” and the “poppin peach bellini” party favor bags and they are the perfect size and addition to these bags. We got to enjoy them while relaxing and getting some spa treatments done. 

They were also the perfect snack at night while we played “What Do You Meme?” and talked for hours. They are a true conversation starter. Especially when you find pop rocks in every bite. 

If you have any events coming up, it will definitely be worth it to look into any of these brands. Their products really add a flare to the decor, snack choice and favors for your guests. 

If you’ve tried any of these products before, leave a comment below and tell me what you thought of them! 

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