Mother’s Day Gift Guide

So are you struggling to figure out what to get your mom for Mother’s Day? Well I got you covered, with these 10 tried and true gifts to get your mother that she will love. 

Your mother is the most important person in your life (I mean unless you’re a daddy’s girl/boy) but I can tell you right now that my mom is seriously so important to me. The connection I have with my mom is totally unbreakable.


She was, so I am. I am brave, caring, courageous, smart, skilled, kind, humble, loyal and loving.. all because of what she taught me. So to me she deserves everything in the world. So I wish I could get her everything on this list – even though I know she already has some of these items. 

Mother’s Day Tote – The Body Shop

Now I may be completely biased when it comes to this gift. As an ex employee of The Body Shop, I will always support their products. You learn so much about their mission and what they truly do to benefit the world and to better women. I am so proud to have been able to work for this company, and their products are pretty stellar. 

Every year they come out with their Mother’s Day Tote that has a high value for a low cost. And the products inside are always some of their best sellers, or new products they are introducing. I gave my mom one of these 4 years ago and she loved it, and your mom will too!

Pop Socket & Phone Case

Yes I know this may seem like an unusual gift. But this is one of those tried and true gifts I was telling you about. When I went on my Myrtle Beach trip with my mom I introduced her and my grandma to the Pop Socket, and she fell I love! It is honestly a magical tool that everyone needs!

Lush Gift Box

This is a killer gift set to get your mom. With Lush’s background for 100% vegetarian products, ethical buying and charitable contributions, you can feel safe purchasing items from Lush. It doesn’t hurt that they smell and look amazing! This Psychedelic gift box has all the cool items your mom will love to use or try out!

Chapters – Cheese Board Bundle 

Now come on – how cute is the set? The Tote is an added bonus, you can purchase it for $14.50 when you spend $40 or more. So not only will your mom get an adorable new Cheese Board & Knife Set but she will get an adorable new summer tote. I’m so obsessed with this set I want to buy it for myself! 

Flowers from Teleflora

Do you live farther away from your mother and it’s hard to see her on Mother’s Day? Well Teleflora has some of the most beautiful bouquets that you can order online and have delivered straight to her door. Like this bouquet

You can personalize them with a special message, and I can almost guarantee (unless she has an allergy) that she would adore the gesture. I live a little distance away from my mom so who knows, maybe she will receive some flowers this year. 

Fossil Watch

What you think I couldn’t recommend the most adorable watch you have ever seen? Well, you’re welcome. This beautiful time piece will compliment any wardrobe and its beautiful simplicity will be admired. Fossil has lots of choices for watches, but this beauty is a head turner and your mother would love it. The Jacqueline Three-Hand White Leather Watch is giving me all in inspo, especially with is rose gold finishes. And it’s price point isn’t astronomical either!

Hello Fresh Subscription

This one is another tried and true gift. My mother started using Hello Fresh a few months ago and she LOVES it. If your mom is a busy working woman, but also the only one who shops, preps and cooks the meals then I can guarantee she will thank you for this gift. Saving her time and hassle, while also keeping her temper off of you, its a win win! (just kidding… or am I?) 

Hello Fresh has multiple plans that work for any size family or dietary restrictions. They are simple easy to follow recipes and they turn out delicious, as long as you cook them right!

Lastly, and probably the most important one… YOU TIME!

Your mother raised you, and loves you. And some times the greatest gift you could give her is just some one on one time. Maybe make her a nice lunch or dinner at home, or take her out for a nice meal. Watch her favourite show together, do a craft together. Whatever it is she will love it because it meant she got to spend time with you. Because she knows time with you is something to appreciate.

I hope this gift guide helped you to decide what you wanted to give your mother for this special day. Even though your mother should be celebrated every day… she puts up with your crap.

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