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Instagram Handle: @emilykaitlynxo
Niche: Fashion & Organization
Main Handles: Instagram & Youtube
Emily, Emily, Emily… Can I just say oh-em-gee FASHIONISTA. Emily has so much content relating to style and fashion and it constantly makes me rethink my wardrobe and inspires me to try out new styles. It’s never too over the top but is a classic, simple, glam style. If that is even a way of describing it.
Not only does she create all these beautiful styled looks, she also loves to share about her hustle and her organization. Which as someone who is completely OCD I love to relate to her! Recently she posted a youtube video about her April planning, where she also talks about how she organizes her end of the month. Which… keeping receipts? Ya I try and do that, but she does it to a whole new level and it totally inspired me to get more on the ball and keep better track of my expenses and what I spend money on.
Now lets get down to the “nitty-gritty”… personality. AND (again) OH-EM-GEE, does she not have the sweetest and kindest one of them all. If you look at a photo of Emily you instantly assume that she is this sweet, kind, innocent being. And you would be totally right! I had the wonderful pleasure of meeting her face to face during a group Instagram giveaway. She was instantly easy to connect with and laugh with, which is odd because we both have that anxious/nervous “first meeting” attitude.
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Instagram Handle: @stephbonyoutube
Niche: Photography & Mental Health
Main Handles: Instagram & Youtube
Others: Photography Page – @flowandfollowphotography
Steph is seriously a rockstar. I love this community and the people it has allowed me to get into contact with because she has instantly become someone I can not only connect with but can count on. Her content is always beautiful and inspiring. Her youtube videos always bring a smile to my face because her funny and unique personality can make anyone smile and laugh. She is care free and loving.
She has spoken about mental health on both her stories and static posts on Instagram and it has been such a relief to see someone so open about such an important topic. She is also one of the most supportive people I have ever met. She is the one person I can see who is ALWAYS shouting out other creators/bloggers/youtubers. She is always commenting on other’s posts to show them her support or just to let them know their content means something to her.
I could not be more proud to be able to say I have a friend like her in this community. Especially after having the pleasure of meeting her at her TFP shoot, where we really got to see each others personalities in person. And instantly got to joke around and truly be silly. Keep on being amazing beautiful. Your heart is pure gold and your soul is so bright!
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