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Alright get ready for the totally biased post! Because if y’all don’t already know how much I love this girl than you are crazy. But if you don’t already, you should totally follow her!

Hello everyone, meet my best friend Mackenzie! Mackenzie and I have been best friends for almost 6 years now! Long story short, I invited my ex (who is now one of my best friends too) to my cottage for Canada day with all of our friends, he had a new girlfriend and asked if he could bring her. Of course I said yes. They all get there close to 10pm on Friday night immediately (since we are basically the only girls there) Mackenzie and I start drinking, talking and even skinny dipping.

We literally became best friends in a matter of minutes, and realized just how alike we are. Fast forward 6 years later and she is still the love of my life.

She is such a beautiful person, both inside and out. She is an intervenor for Deaf Blind, which in a nutshell means she is a saint and has so much love in her heart! It also means she is one strong badass chick.

She knows sign language… SO COOL right? (Honestly I totally think she should teach sign language on her youtube channel/instagram cause I would 100% be into that) And I happen to know she is a killer teacher because she taught me how to spell my name!

I know kind of lame to only be able to spell my name, but you gotta start somewhere! Any who, she is someone you definitely want to be following. Her photos are gorgeous, he personality is infectious and her skin is flawless!

I know you will totally fall in love with her! Check out her links above!
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