5 Tips for a #bossbabe Home Office

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Happy Tuesday everyone! Gosh, I’m so excited to have a short week this week with Easter this weekend! Woohoo! But I have an important question to address. Are you a work from home #bossbabe?

If you are, here are 5 tips that will help you achieve optimal #bossbabe status with your home office. And definitely give you an amazing instagram-able space!

As I work a 9-5 job, it’s nice to also have an at home work space to be able to sit down and really focus on my blog, socials and my contract interior design work. But enough chit-chat, let’s get into what you came here to read. 

  1. Wall Art

Adding any type of wall art to your office space definitely helps to create a more aesthetically pleasing look. My best recommendation is to put up images related to your brand, images of goals you wish to achieve or even inspirational quotes. 

Adding these things to your work space, especially if it is on the wall in front of you, can help to increase productivity. It can also help to cure any creative slumps or overwhelming moments. 

Currently in front of my face I have two shelves that hold items that inspire me, such as small fake potted succulents, shells & a sand timer. They are items that remind me to breathe and take my time. Some of my favourite prints are from Chapters, but I also enjoy making my own, so keep an eye out cause there will definitely be a DIY/Freebie coming soon!

2. Shelving

This is probably the most important one! Why is having shelving key? Well as a blogger you keep props, books, notebooks etc. And having a place to store them neatly and in an appealing way helps to not only declutter your desk but also your mind. 

If you are not a blogger, but maybe you are a business owner and work from home. This is a great place to store any supplies. If you ship products, or have extra supplies that you keep a stock of. Any books, binders, client files. 

Again, keeping the top of your desk clean helps in making sure you can stay focused on the task at hand, or feel motivated to actually do work. Honestly the top of my desk is a DISASTER… and I have shelving. But I haven’t had the chance to organize them the way I want. 

You can check out my favourite shelving unit here, literally I am obsessed. 

3. Plants

Honestly, this one should be pretty self explanatory. If you work from home, it is easier for you to get outside and go for a walk. Which I definitely recommend, as it truly gets the blood flowing and increases productivity. 

But… if you are someone like me, who feels like they drown in work and time. So much so, that you forget you have been sitting there staring at a computer screen for 5 hours. Well then having plants help you to get that added benefit of a little extra oxygen, and truly helps the air quality in your small space. 

Make sure you water your plants and take care of them properly!

4. Colour

Colour is so important in any space, really. I’m not saying to paint all the walls red, but having just a little pop of colour here or there could be the tipping point to the perfect space. 

You can use your brands colour, to keep your space cohesive with your blog or business. Or you can pick colours based on how they influence our moods/personalities. 

Blue for example is known to be a calming and relaxing colour. But depending on the shade/tone of the colour it can also be invigorating and help to awaken the mind and feel refreshed. While red tones have a more aggressive stimulant. Red tones promote more anger and aggression, though if your work requires you to constantly be alert and attentive, maybe including red as your pop of colour isn’t a bad idea. 

5. Organization & Supplies

Last but definitely not least is your organization products and your supplies! How could you think that any home office would be complete without these!

An agenda & notebook is key for any blogger or business owner. Yes there are so many options out there for planner programs, like google calendar. But I truly believe that putting pen to paper and organizing my day to day is how I usually can remember all my tasks. 

I also love having files and holders for my files. Because I am not only a blogger, but an interior designer I have client folders that I need to keep organized. Another great tool is to have decor boxes that help you organize loose papers, stationary, pens or even your receipts. 

Keeping your receipts in an organized place is truly a lifesaver when it comes to tax season. Either these boxes with lids or these baskets are cute and allow you to store items easily. I also love going to Michael’s as they have cute boxes as well. 

I hope these tips have helped in designing your new home office! If you use any of these tips please send me pictures or tag me on instagram @jessemicheleblog, I would love to see them!

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